To build confident, competent and compassionate citizens through value based quality education



Imparting sound academics.


Providing students 21st Century skills and honing their innate talents.


Inculcating desirable values.


Instilling in every student a sense of pride about the rich Indian heritage and culture.


Building a team of committed and competent teachers to reach the above mission.


Establishing such academic resources that will equip all those involved in educating the society.

Welcome to TVS MHSS

LVS, named after Srimathi. Lakshmi Ammal, wife of T.V. Sundram Iyengar, is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and amended by Madras Act XXXIV of 1954 on June 06,1964.

The present TVS MATRICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, originally known as TVS LAKSHMI MARTICULATION HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, was a "dream child of LVS". In the year 1972, this school was registered with just 40 students. Today TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School boasts of 4,700 students. Shri. N. Sundram was the first correspondent and then in the year 1968, the correspondentship was held by Shri. K. Surya Narayanan. The curriculum offered was changed from CBSE to Matriculation syllabus to fulfill the expectations of the parents. In the year 1982, Ms. Shobhana Ramachandhran, member of the TVS family, took over the overall responsibility of running the school and is currently our Chairperson.

Principal's Desk

Greetings to everyone!!!!

The dawn of the New Year and the coming of the harvest festival marked the beginning of the third term. Two successful terms have gone past with strides of achievement, satisfaction and reminisces.

The third term is always a buzzing one with the approaching examinations in the air. The last lap of important happenings like the projects, annual days on one side and the busy planning for the conduct of exams on the other side.

Whatever has been missed has to be caught up at this time by students who shall face the board examinations. These are times that need to be focused, full of the spirit to achieve and of course the time for resilience. To make the best use of the time at your disposal is of great importance as it helps you unfasten all those obstacles in front of you. Dedication and determination coupled with dynamism can help anyone tide over challenges in front of you.
Hard work sandwiched between time and willpower will help you succeed. All of us are born to win. Let’s make the difference.

“We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history."

Good Luck!!!!!!!!

With Regards



  • Annual Day

    Annual Day Performance by the students of Class I to IV

  • Field Trip

    A Field Trip for the kids of Class I

  • QC - Case Study Presentation

    Inter school QC Case Study Presentation

  • Revision Examination

    Revision 2 starts from Feb. 5 for class XI students Revision 3 starts from Feb. 5 for the students of Class X

  • NAS Examination

    National Achievement Survey Examination for the students of Class X

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